With the constant advancement of technology the basic functions of the copy machine have been expanded.  With the now multi-function capabilities you can copy/print/scan/fax but you can also do many of these things remotely or from your smart phone or tablet.  Given the ability of end users to print documents from almost anywhere in order to add additional control there are accounting options that come standard with all of our multi function equipment.  Standard accounting allows for administrators to control and even limit what selected users or groups can do.

Standard Accounting Features


Create user logins for individuals in your organization (can be tied to active directory).  Users will be prompted at the machine when accessing any functions and prompted at their computer when sending a print job to the device.  

Group logins can be created so that usage can be tied back to a particular project or department.  This allows an end user to authenticate to the appropriate group depending on the definition of the work that they are doing.

Usage limits can be setup for both individuals and groups.  A certain user may be restricted by the administrator to only print in black and white or to only be allowed 500 color copies/prints each month.

Guest access may be setup so that if someone without login credentials comes to the machine they can access the basic features and be limited to black and white only.  Administrators can also determine when to have a job rejected from a guest.